Rochester the kitten, disheveled no longer after receiving care from the Berkeley shelter

Rochester is an 8-week old male kitten who arrived at the shelter weak and dehydrated due to an upper respiratory infection (URI). He was named after Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, who grows dirty and disheveled after being abandoned by the one he loves. Because he was separated from his mother, Rochester the kitten had not been groomed and was covered in dirt and fleas. Now, he purrs contentedly when he is bathed with a warm, damp cloth and is learning to groom himself (a skill which would normally be learned from his mother). After recovering from his upper respiratory infection, tiny Rochester was placed in a foster home to be socialized until he is big enough to be neutered. At that point, he will be available for adoption through Berkeley Animal Care Services.

Post written by Alex Martin,  a UC Berkeley undergraduate working with the Berkeley shelter and kittybiome to study how FIV status might affect the kitty microbiome


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