Marigold’s Results

Here are the results of the bacterial characterization of the kittybiome of a shelter cat named Marigold.

Marigold is a petite 1-year-old cat from Berkeley Animal Care Services. She is very affectionate, and once she’s comfortable with you, she’ll be happy to let you hold her all day. When there’s no one around to cuddle with, Marigold takes lots of time grooming her long, luscious fur to make sure she’s squeaky clean when you come back. Once her first guest arrives, she gives a gentle nudge with her head to let you know that she’s ready for cuddling. If you’re slow to pick up on the hint, she’ll delicately place one paw on your lap and wait patiently for a formal invitation.

Marigold is a polite feline, and has gotten along well with every cat, dog, and child she’s encountered so far. She’s more tolerant of tail-pulling and play-biting than many adult cats, and therefore could adjust well to a wide variety of living situations.

Marigold was adopted but there are other wonderful cats available at Berkeley Animal Care Services and your local shelter.


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