Bonnie’s Results

Here are the results of the bacterial characterization of the kittybiome of Bonnie.

Bonnie is a sweet old cat from Berkeley Animal Care Services who is very interested in all that goes on around her. She is very attentive, and is happy to observe visitors and other cats while she waits patiently for her turn to be petted. For her petite size, Bonnie has a surprisingly loud meow, which she uses to greet anyone who passes by her cage. Because of Bonnie’s advanced age, she is not nearly as active as she probably was in her youth. Though she will make half-hearted efforts to play with toys to be polite, she would much prefer to curl up on someone’s lap for a nice nap.

Just like people, cats tend to accumulate more health issues as they age; Bonnie has hyperthyroidism, which means her metabolism is higher than normal. She was quite thin when she came into the shelter, but luckily her thyroid condition is easily cared for with a once-daily pill. Older cats like Bonnie often have more trouble getting adopted because they may have medical conditions with which people are unfamiliar, but she is a very laid-back girl and would likely do well in a variety of homes.

Bonnie was adopted but there are other wonderful cats available at Berkeley Animal Care Services and your local shelter.


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