Gladiola’s Results

Here are the results of the bacterial characterization of the kittybiome of Gladiola. She is a friendly little kitten at Berkeley Animal Care Services who is always sure of what she wants. She is very vocal about communicating her needs (and sometimes, there are lots of them!). When a visitor comes to spend time with her, she enjoys scurrying up to perch on their shoulder like a bird. Gladiola does not generally have a particularly strong interest in toys, but she did take a strong liking to a certain mouse which now never leaves her side.

Gladiola was found outside of a movie theater on a busy street. Her finders thought that she walked abnormally, so they brought her to the shelter. The veterinary staff found that one of her back feet was broken, as was the tip of her little tail. They believe that at some point, Gladiola got caught in a door and made her injuries worse as she struggled to escape. After giving her some time to acclimate to the shelter, she underwent surgery to fix her broken foot and amputate the tip of her tail. Though her tail is now shorter than normal, that is no cause for concern, as she has plenty of personality to compensate!

Gladiola was adopted but there are other wonderful cats available at Berkeley Animal Care Services and your local shelter.


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