Roozbeh’s Results

Here are the results of the bacterial characterization of the kittybiome of Roozbeh.

Roozbeh is a playful and adventurous kitten from Berkeley Animal Care Services. At only ten weeks old, it takes a lot to convince him that being pet with a human could ever be as gratifying as chasing toys and engaging his littermates in play. But when he finds a human with whom he really connects, he becomes very affectionate and actively solicits attention. Roozbeh gets along splendidly with other cats, and would do great in a home with an older cat to mentor him (and tire him out as needed!).

Roozbeh is an especially tolerant cat; he was very brave for his vaccines and has put up with the occasional tug on his tail from the young child in his foster home. To Roozbeh, a child is just another person to dangle a toy in front of his face; unlike some kittens, who are especially timid around rowdy children, Roozbeh would likely fare quite well with them.

Roozbeh was adopted but there are other wonderful cats available at Berkeley Animal Care Services and your local shelter.


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